Apache installation (one-off task)

Task description:

We will install and configure Apache on your RHEL/SL/CentOS or Ubuntu/Debian single server.

This includes:

  • Installation of Apache on a single server
  • Making sure that Apache starts on boot

Does not include:

  • Setting up VirtualHosts
  • Setting up Backups
  • Long term troubleshooting – this means that we confirm that the installation works but after the setup we can no longer assist.


Q – Why do I need this service?

A – You need this service if you are looking to install server-side software that is not supported by a more modern web server.

Q – “A more modern web server?”

A – Squirrel5 discourages the use of Apache unless it’s the only web server that can work with the server side software in question. In the place of Apache we recommend the Hiawatha web server or Nginx.

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