Monitoring (Extra Nodes)

Task description:

This is an extension to our Core Monitoring service (aimed at existing customers). You need to have the Core Monitoring service before you can add additional nodes.

This includes:

  • Monitoring of your site/server through our Nagios installation.
  • Act as first responders for any kind of alerts and fix if possible (this requires that you add our public SSH key to your server, please let us know if you need any assistance with this).
  • Escalate to you via your preferred method of communication if the issue is not straightforward/simple to fix and discuss next steps.


Q – Are there any prerequisites for this service?

A – Yes – you need to already have the Core Monitoring service.

Q – Why do I need this service?

A – You need this service if you are concerned about your site’s availability and you want to make sure all services are running at the same time.

Q – What kind of checks can you monitor for?

A We can monitor for anything that Nagios supports – the list is very long but some examples are: HTTP/HTTPS,FTP,SSH,Ping (ICMP), MySQL (TCP check or in-depth) etc. – if in doubt please ask 🙂

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