Remote Backups Setup plus backup monitoring

Task description:

Any type of business that takes it’s data seriously needs to have backups and remote backups setup. Remote backups are your last line of defense against catastrophic failure as backups are saved on a different host.

We will setup automatic backups of your important data and remote backups as needed to the host of your choice. If you do not have a remote host we can store the backups remotely for you (for an additional fee).

This includes:

  • Automating backup creation for your most important data.
  • Monitoring the backup process to ensure it’s not failing.

Does not include:

  • Long term troubleshooting – this means that we confirm that the installation works but after the setup we can no longer assist except to report that the backups are failing in the future and recommend a remediation plan.


Q – Why do I need this service?

A – You need this service for any kind of production system that you depend on.

QWhat if I don’t have an additional host to backup my data to?

A – We can backup your data on Squirrel5 backup servers for you. The price for this will depend on the amount of data.

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