Hello to all the people who need a Squirrel Soldier to protect their Assets (nuts, servers, websites)!

My name is Stylianos Chaidas and I’ve had a troubled history with a computer addiction problem since I was 10 (made my first pc with dads help in 1990 a blazingly fast 2mhz 8088).

Official education includes 12 years of basic (Athens, Greece) , 3 years of textile and clothes design (Technical college of Peiraias , Greece), 3 years of wireless computer networks (Portsmouth Uni, UK), 2 years as a volleyball referee, Proficiency in the English language (Cambridge , UK).

Over the years I have collected a weird list of hobbies (All kinds of Games, Some sports, Philosophy, Religion, Cooking, Shopping, Anime)

You can reliably contact me on spider@squirrel5.com